Group Insurance Scheme Subscription Rate Enhanced

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The scales of Pay of State Government employees have been revised in the Government Order G.O(P)No.07 /2076/Fin dated 20-01-2016.
The Director of Insurance in his Letter No. Ins/Dev.Wing/DV3/T001604318 dated 19 / 07 / 2016 has recommended to reclassify the scales of pay of Groups and revise the rates of subscription under Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme.
Government after examining the proposal in detail are pleased to reclassify the scales of pay of Groups and revise the rates of subscription under Group Insurance scheme with effect from 01/09/2016.
(The Subscription for the scheme shall continue to be in units of Rs 10 per month )
All the employees now subscribing to the Group Insurance Scheme should come over to the revised rate of subscription with reference to the revised scales of pay.
Formal amendment to the Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme Rules,2010 will be issued separately by the Government.

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